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Alea has been sailing the tropics for three years and now we head for the Pacific




Chile is in the Pacific slope  of the South of the South American  continent.

It´s a narrow but long country (It approximately includes the distance between  the North of Norway and the South of Spain).

Chile  begins in northern Arica Desert and finishes in  Puerto Williams , the most sourthern inhabitated city on our planet, just next to the Antarctica.

A long way, plenty of fjords and wonderful spots. A perfect combination between sea and montains.

A dream for a sailer!


Our first answer to this question is: Why not?

Chile and its fjords are navigable all year long.

They are an incredible wilderness, We will sail sail hundreds of miles without finding any inhabited settlement, It's one of the places with highest biodiversity on our planet. A real paradise to sight fish birds and mammals.

We will visit glaciers , hot springs  and  fantastic landscapes .We´ll be able to alternate navigation with walks.
Do you still wonder why? Here we show some images that will help you understand.


We really want to invite you, to join de adventure?

From october 2015 till march 2016 we will sail trough the beagle canal, and the north-east, and south east arm, with his glaicers, also we can go to Cape Horn.

We find here the most espectacular nature on earth, glaicers, fjords, lakes, sealions, dolfins, whales, at lots of births...


- Minimum :2 people.
- Maximum:4 people.
- 150 euros per person a day.
- Duration of the sail: minimum 5 days
- Boarding the previous night to the circuit start. landing the 
  following day after the end of the route, after breakfast (you get one night free).


–   Boat equipped for Antarctic voyages with capitan and sailor/cook.
–   Full board (three meals , snacks and drinks aboard, alcoholic drinks included onboard in reasonable amounts) 
–   Diesel and ports


- Transfer to the sailboat.
- Personal rates(taxes)
- Personal expenses.

From October 2015 till March 2016 we´ll sail in the South starting from Puerto Williams, touring the glaciers of the Beagle Channel. Cape Horn? Possibly!

If you prefer to start in Urshuia, please contact us.

If you want to book right now for the southest spot of our expedition please write for more information 

You can follow our adventures as usual,through our blog


Places are limited so if you want to live a unique and different adventure ... it's time to start dreaming about us 

 We would love to have you on board !